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a wholly different experience.

We aren’t your big box store with drone workers, unfriendly and un-knowledgeable service, old bait, or random products picked out by the industry.

We aren’t your small local shop with limited selection, limited baits, and high prices.

We are Johnston Bait & Tackle, a mix of Local Bait Shop and Big Box Store.
We have the Products that work right here in Iowa, and access to Special Order almost anything you want – including access to Special Run or Limited Items. We have Personal Connections with many Industry Reps across the Country so We have the inside scoop on products and knowledge. We have Personal Knowledge of the Waters surrounding Des Moines, and across the State. We go the extra mile to put the best equipment and bait in your hands.

We are Johnston Bait & Tackle.

With a wide selection of Reels, Rods, Accessory Goods, and Premium Baits We at Johnston Bait & Tackle strive to make your fishing trip the best one until the next one.

Here Phishy, Phishy! Call us!




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